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Roman blinds with electric drive

Automatic Roman blinds – технологічне рішення не тільки для будинку, але і для комерційних приміщень. Зручності при використанні римських штор з електроприводом:

  • Ability to control large and heavy Roman blinds without effort
  • Manage a group of products simultaneously
  • Automatic light level through a special sensor
  • Connection to the Smart Home Control system from the remote control or Switch
  • Ability to control from a smartphone
  • Настроюється таймер на відкриття і закриття.

Tcane Roller shutters with the electric drive

Fabric Blinds with the electric drive provide not only a first-class situation indoors, but also excellent functionality.

Types of control with electric drive

  • Stationary type of control - Is a button mounted in the wall near the window opening. In this case, the device is connected in a wired way. One switch can control a group of curtains with a relay.
  • Remote control type - Control by means of the programmable panel is provided. One remote control can control many roller blinds with electric drive.
  • Through the "Smart Home" - Connection of automatic roller blinds with the electric drive to already existing system of the smart house. This method involves the rejection of additional control panels and switches. Control automatic roller blinds and smart home systems in the usual ways

Horizontal aluminum blinds with electric drive

Blinds from aluminum with width of a lamella 50 мм, 25 мм або 16 mm - this is a great sunscreen and decor for the office, studio or office.

In addition to comfort and convenience, horizontal blinds with electric drive have a number of advantages:

  • Smooth operation when opening and closing.
  • Quiet operation of the electric drive, noise is invisible or not noticeable at all
  • Possibility of equipping with additional functions (light sensors, timer, centralized control, control from a smartphone, etc.)

Not so long ago, horizontal blinds with an electric drive were in demand only in the design of office space. But now the consumer has reconsidered his attitude to this type of design, and is actively implementing them in the comfort of home, given its practicality and durability.

Cassette roller blinds - "Day - Night" with electric drive

The benefits offered by electric zebra curtains (day and night) with electric drive are appreciated by the huge number of people who have installed them in their apartment, country house or office.

In addition to the general advantages inherent in this product, they simplify the management process. It can be reduced to pressing only one button, statically mounted on the wall, or located on the remote control.

Conveniences when used with the electric drive:
  • Connection to the Smart Home system
  • Control from the panel or the Switch
  • Ability to control from a smartphoneSettable timer to open and close

Horizontal wooden blinds with electric drive

Wooden blinds are the best solution for those who dream of combining home comfort, environmental friendliness and refined nobility in one interior.

These blinds are valued for their functionality and aesthetics.

The wooden variety of horizontal blinds has the highest aesthetic appeal.

They are perfect for the color and texture of the furniture installed in the room and can be mounted equally well in the study, living room, library, dining room or children's room. With the advent of various automated systems and "smart home" technologies, it has become possible to make wooden blinds even more convenient to operate.

Advantages of ordering control devices for roller shutters and blinds from our company:

You can safely entrust the implementation of your ideas to the company "Solodkovsky and K". Our experience and attention to detail have a positive effect on the outcome of work on orders and projects. Working with us you can count on:

  • Responsible approach to customer requests;
  • Consultations;
  • Competent measurement taking into account all the nuances and requirements;
  • Range in different price categories;
  • Individual production;


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