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Roman blinds

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Roman blinds Is a high-quality, modern and stylish solution for your interior design. The design of Roman blinds is an aluminum profile and fabric material of different colors and textures, which with the help of a special chain system rises up, creating horizontal folds. There are several ways to attach Roman blinds: to the window, on the wall, or on the ceiling above the window. Roman blinds are best used in modern designs, as well as in small rooms where there is not enough space for traditional curtains.

The principle of control is largely similar to the system of horizontal blinds. The feature is the presence of a special weight, which allows the curtains to hang perfectly straight at any degree of opening.

Advantages of Roman blinds
  • The products are practical.
  • They have a good appearance.
  • Curtains are functional and can create a unique atmosphere in the room.
  • In addition, Roman blinds can be used where there is no room for curtains and drapes

The popularity of these curtains is obvious and natural, because they are simply indispensable for apartments with almost any type of interior. The concise design helps to visually enlarge the space of the rooms, and the soft diffused light creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

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