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Roller blinds of open type

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Roller blinds are an extremely simple, but very effective and popular solution for window decoration. They combine the comfort of modern blinds and the coziness of traditional curtains. Blinds protect from excess sunlight, do not allow the room to heat up, and also create comfort in the dark time. Roller blinds are a modern and convenient way to decorate windows with excellent sunscreen properties.

Blinds will look good in any room decorated in different styles. Blinds can be picked up in addition to classic curtains or drapes. It is possible to fix a roller blind on a window profile, on an aperture, a wall or a ceiling. Some fabrics are able to reflect heat. Fabric blinds are beautiful and practical!

Fabric Blinds Blackout

Blackout - a dense fabric that protects the room from sunlight almost 100%. The ability to transmit light provides maximum comfort during the day. You have a great opportunity to do what you set out to do (sleep, watch a movie at the home theater, etc.). Serves for the maximum light shading of rooms. Used with all types of roller blinds.

Blackout and their benefits

The systems with this type of fabric are functional products. The specifics of the use depend on several factors. When you make a choice and buy fabric blackout curtains you will find is a great solution in cases where you need:

  • darken the room in the nursery;
  • block the light in the conference room or in the room where the projector is installed:
  • for bedrooms and others rooms with home theater;

Blackout can be made of fabric that has a special reflective coating on the back. It has significant sun-reflecting properties and prevents heating of the canvas.

Chamomile fabric blinds

This is a unique design - fabric blinds with a pattern. A large number of consumers, turning to us, ask the question - how to make the right choice among such a decent wealth? We will always come to the rescue and tell you which picture will be more suitable for you.

Fabric blinds "Leaf" color white

Fabric blinds are made of high quality white textiles, decorated with a pattern in the form of handwritten lines. It differs in simplicity and reliability of a design, ease of installation and operation. The kit has all the necessary fasteners. The fabric is quite strong and durable. It is breathable and reliably protects the room from views from the street and sunlight, filling the room with a pleasant dim light.

Advantages: - strong and reliable textiles; - original design; - simple and fast installation.

Fabric blinds are the most popular type of sun protection.

Attention!The color gamut may be slightly different from what you see on the screen, depending on your monitor settings!