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Horizontal blinds

Horizontal aluminum blinds with a lamella width of 50 mm

Horizontal aluminum blinds, designed for sun protection of large windows and openings. Blinds Classic 50 mm are made both with manual, and with automatic control.

  • reliable reinforced equipment
  • selection of basic colors of a tape and colors "under a tree"
  • excellent protection from the sun and prying eyes
  • saving the view from the window and the ability to adjust the degree of illumination

Due to the variety of designs, the catalog of materials for horizontal aluminum blinds becomes even wider. Materials differ not only in the width of the lamella, but also in colors such as matte, glossy, metallic, perforated and wood.

Horizontal systems are reliable, not demanding in care, they are often ordered, both at home and in offices and production facilities.

Horizontal aluminum blinds with a lamella width of 25 mm

They are made of aluminum with a lamella width of 25 mm and fit organically into small and medium-sized openings and windows. A distinctive feature of these systems is the lowest cost. Convenient control is provided by a cord (raises lamellas) and an arrangement is possible from the left or right side of a product. For lamellas with a width of 25 mm it is possible to make a product up to 2 m high and wide.

  • Possibility to install a product in an aperture, on a wall or between window frames;
  • Wide choice of designs and colors for any interior;
  • The slats reflect sunlight, resistant to temperature and humidity, do not burn out and do not heat up;
  • Do not require special care;

Horizontal aluminum blinds with a lamella width of 16 mm

Horizontal aluminum blinds of 16 mm - ideal for small openings. Nuances of management and fastening, correspond to products of 25 mm. Overall dimensions are possible up to 1.8 m wide and up to 2 m high.

  • Ease of operation: optimization of light flux due to the rotation of the slats;
  • Resistant to abrasion and burnout of the lamellae, the possibility of wet cleaning;
  • Reliable controls and strong steel cornices;
  • Wide color palette, various decorative coatings and fashionable structures;

Horizontal aluminum blinds suitable for any interior, easily fitting into its style.

Why horizontal aluminum blinds!

  • optimal sun protection;
  • ease of operation;
  • reliability of fastening and control mechanisms;
  • adaptability to any window design;
  • high-quality manufacturing materials that allow you to maintain the appearance;
  • ease of care;

Note: The color gamut may be slightly different from what you see on the screen, depending on your monitor settings!