Немає товарів у кошику.

Instructions for installation of fabric blinds mini

List of required tools:

  • pencil;
  • roulette;
  • scissors;
  • screwdriver and drill with drill Ø 2 mm (or screwdriver with drill Ø 2 mm).
The order of installation of fabric blinds mini on self-tapping screws

Carefully unfold the package and remove the blinds. Do not use the blade to cut the package, so as not to damage the control chain!

1. Attach the brackets to the mounting points and make a mark.

2. Fasten the brackets with self-tapping screws at the mounting points through the mounting holes.

3. Insert the tube with the fabric into the brackets, pre-inserting the latches with gears.

4. Install the bracket covers in the brackets.

5. Install the chain lock.

The order of installation of fabric roller blinds mini on hinged arms

1. Close the hinged plastic brackets on the side brackets.

2. Install the pipe with the fabric in the end brackets (ie assemble the whole structure) and try on the window, make a mark for gluing. If the measurement was carried out according to the instructions, the width of the fabric should be exactly within the beads.

3. Degrease the gluing areas by any available means and remove the protective layer of adhesive tape on the hinged brackets. Put the whole structure completely on the upper part of the window sash according to the marking and press tightly in the places of fastening.

4. Install the chain lock.

When choosing any type of fastening, the lower bar of fabric blinds can be:
  • do not fix anything;
  • install metal magnets on self-tapping screws (additional option);

Note: The color gamut may differ from what you see on the screen, depending on the settings of your monitor!